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Ellen and Andrea Osei,
Founders of Raising H.O.P.E

Raising H.O.P.E. aims to ensure that the basic survival, health and educational needs of African children are met and that all beneficiaries of Raising H.O.P.E. are closer to integrating into their communities, becoming productive members of society, and living life to its maximum potential.  

Our organization was founded in 2011 when two sisters who understood the difficult task of attempting to raise funds for orphans were being met with a lack of financial resources and foundations in support of this effort. This barrier was presented particularly in the Ghana, West Africa where their family originates from. Based in the United States, Ellen and Andrea hope that their organization continues to immediately address the socio-economic issues that orphans and orphanages in Ghana face among other causes.

For this reason, Raising H.O.P.E. (Hopeful Orphans Pursuing Excellence) was formed by Ellen and Andrea to serve as a financial and physical resource for assisting other individuals and organizations with similar visions in the formation of orphanages across Ghana and eventually other African countries.

While our work began 10 years ago in Ghana, West Africa,  working with orphans, we have since connected with communities across the globe advocating for children and young people on the margins through mission work, advocacy, education, and donations.