The Fearless Fun Inclusive Play Experience at the Sustainable Health & Wellness Village Festival

What is the Sustainable Health & Wellness Village (SHWV) Festival?

The Sustainable Health & Wellness Village® Festival (SHWV) is a 3-day community-based health and wellness program that brings together residents and community resource providers within a festival-like atmosphere to expand access to healthcare and enable self-advocacy in ways that advance public health outcomes and quality of life for communities of color.

Who are these workshops for?

The audience this workshop will benefit includes both caregivers and children. This specifically includes children ages 3-18 year old with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and/or other developmental challenges.

About Our Co-Host Function Flip

Function Flip, LLC is an occupational therapy private practice that offers both private and community based services. The mission of Function Flip is to support families and children with various special needs using tools for development that can be found in their natural environment, using the activities they do everyday.


Dr Ellen Osei James EdD, MS OTR/L

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Function Flip, LLC


Clinical Services and and Health Education Planning

Sustainable Health and Wellness Village Festival

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The Fearless Fun Inclusive Play Experience at the SHWV Festival

The Fearless Fun Inclusive Play Experience is an opportunity for families who have children with developmental challenges to practice play and social skills while interacting with other children and families . Most importantly to feel welcome, accepted and understood by others in their community. The play experience will include:


➔ Outdoor social activities and games in an open field space. There will be 3 game areas and 5 children per game maximum. The games will occur in 20 minute rotations

➔   The games will include, fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skill building group activities, as well as opportunities for sensory exploration

➔   During the games, each family will be supported with strategies by a therapist or child development specialist. Support staff will include but is not limited to: occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, special educators, ABA therapists, nurses, developmental pediatricians and more.

➔  First, the therapists will provide an overview of the demonstration area and benefits of inclusive play practice. Then, families will be paired with a trained professional that will provide strategies for practice during game time. Lastly, families will receive literature containing resources where they can seek additional developmental support.

Community Impact

1 in 5 children in New Jersey experience learning and attention issues, and children receiving special education make up 11.8% of the school age population (Larger than National Average of 9%). Currently, there is a greater number of children in need of specialized therapy services, and a limited number of therapists available to service them due to family location, costs and overall service demand.  Our community-based life skill workshops are a cost-effective resource for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds that empower families to gain a sense of control over their child’s narrative and to support the family in making therapeutic strategies a part of their everyday life.